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Leeds communities stage festive Pre-Purim Carnival

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Leeds United Jewry ( Etz Chaim, BHH and UHC shuls) have continued to invest in cross-communal events, their latest success a youth-oriented Pre-Purim Carnival that attracted families with children of all ages, as well as those who were less engaged in communal life, for a meaningful and memorable experience. 400 people converged to enjoy various arts and crafts activities, which included Mishloach Manot-Making and Bead Jewellery.  The carnival reinforced the shul’s reputation as a blossoming centre of cultural and religious programming.


To engage the community with each other, with Purim, and with local Jewish organisations. To build stronger communal links, both to the shul, the various levels of observance across the city and to Judaism and mitzvot in a fun and exciting way.

Evaluation from Rabbi Glickman:

“The community is now buzzing about Purim. A day of fun is now being viewed as a day of religious fun. The Kollel, which until now has been seen as for those who are already involved to sit and learn, is now seen as reaching out to the wider community. We were able to reach an entirely new audience of families and children who are usually disinterested in our programmes”.

Participant Feedback

• My kids had a blast of a time taking part in the amazing activities, while we savoured the chance to catch up with our friends.

• My son really enjoyed making Mishloach Manot and it was clear to see how effective this Carnival was in creating excitement around Purim. It was also a chance for the community to mingle, across all levels of observance.

• It was fantastic to see such a “buzz” from the event, with people attending who often don’t go to events like this.

• The party definitely enhanced my children’s enjoyment of Purim by engaging them in many creative and varied activities. And of course, it’s always a pleasure to support a community event.