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Birmingham community spends Lag B’Omer in Blackpool

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Responding to the custom to make trips on the day of Lag B’Omer, the Singers Hill community set off on a coach trip to Blackpool for a day of socialising and sightseeing. Led by Rabbi Jacobs and his family, there was already a celebratory atmosphere on the bus as members got to know each other and men had the opportunity to fulfil the mitzvah of laying tefillin. Participants commended the organisation and success of the day, as well as the quality of the food.

Evaluation from Rabbi Yossi Jacobs:

‘It was amazing to see different families come together with their children and spend an entire day together getting to know one and other, even on the bus. New friendships were formed, but most importantly the kids will never forget Lag B’omer and the custom to take trips on this day.’

Participant Feedback:

  • ‘The day trip to Blackpool was truly a joy and a pleasure to have been part of. As ever and always – amazing energy and proactive commitment to the Birmingham Community and the faith by Rebetzen and Rabbi Jacobs who make things collaborative and above all else, welcoming and fun’
  • ‘I loved being with the community and having my kids see how much fun Judaism can be. reasonably priced made it very doable, and we got to see so many new things. The whole group was friendly and I just thought it was a fantastic bonding experience for our tiny Jewish community’
  • ‘It was a fantastic day out and I really enjoyed it. Rabbi and Rebbetzen Jacobs did a great job’