Office of the Chief Rabbi

Klezmer Comes to Solihull


The vibrant Solihull community gathered together for a Melave Malka, the meal straight after Shabbat ends that has special, spiritual significance. Solihull used the time to explore another Melave Malka tradition, singing and playing music to escort the Shabbat as it leaves. Klezmer was the music of choice, allowing the community to explore the sounds of traditional Ashkenazi Jews of Eastern Europe. The whole evening was an immersive experience that combined spirituality, tradition and music to create an inclusive and joyful atmosphere.

Evaluation from Rabbi Pink:

“This event attracted a very large crowd including many non members. It contributed to our ongoing aim of making the Shul a true community centre where everyone feels comfortable and promoted community cohesion and reinforced the feeling that one can come to a Shul event and have a great time”.

Participant feedback:

  • ‘The Klezmer night was a breath of fresh air, it embraces all, and I enjoy its historical roots. Klezmer crosses boundaries, it was an inspirational night’.
  • ‘It was a wonderful way to bring the community together and was a delightful evening of great food and wonderful music’.