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Kenton’s Kabbalat Shabbat with Superstar Shulem

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With many shuls doing a virtual pre-Shabbat service Kenton wanted to make sure theirs stood out. And how do you make a Kabbalat Shabbat shine? You ask Shulem Lemmer to be the chazzan! The American singer brought his unique voice and aura to the service, uplifting the voices of the community and creating a sense of peace before Shabbat.

Evaluation from Vice-Chair Roy Block:

‘The whole community’s spirit has been raised by hearing such a superstar and I am still coming back to earth after such an amazing Kabbalat Shabbat.’

Participant Feedback:

  •  ‘It was an inspirational start to Shabbat’
  •  ‘Fabulous, Shulem has a beautiful voice and the service was very uplifting’