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‘Let’s support Israel proactively,’ Chief Rabbi tells conference

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1500 Israel supporters rallied to attend the Jewish Leadership Council’s ‘We Believe in Israel’ conference, at which the Chief Rabbi was a principal speaker.

He decried the vilification of those who support the Jewish state by those who oppose it, saying that allies of Israel should not waver in their backing of the country’s right to exist. He spoke of a common narrative about Israel that has been spun by anti-Zionists worldwide. “Many of Israel’s supporters are finding that they are standing as outsiders when they declare their belief in Israel. We must let the world know that there is no sin to support Israel.”

At the conference, which also hosted such speakers as Michael Gove and the former Israeli Minister of the Interior, Gideon Sa’ar, Chief Rabbi Mirvis urged attendees to “translate our belief in Israel into meaningful, constructive and productive action.”