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Iron Dome Scientist Talks Science and Torah for Stanmore Shabbat

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The Stanmore and Canons Park community were given unique insights into the cutting-edge technology behind Israel’s renowned Iron Dome defence system by one of the scientists who created it, over the course of a Shabbat. Ari Sacher added a totally novel element to the weekend with his Torah-inspired insights, talking on Friday night, on Shabbat morning about different types of miracles and more generally about how the defence system works. Attendees were impressed by his thoughtful and humorous style of delivery, leaving them with much to think about for the week ahead.

Evaluation from Assistant Rabbi Daniel Fine:

‘Ari was superb and totally electrified the audience with his humour and thought-provoking messages. The community really appreciated the calibre of the speaker and found the weekend highly enjoyable.’’

Participant Feedback:

  • ‘An excellent, amusing speaker who said it like it is. No schmaltz, lots of humour, and the Jewish message was there but not pushed, so it became more believable and meaningful as a result.’
  • ‘He was outstanding; funny, witty, animated, highly intelligent and basically a genius rocket scientist. His invention protects and saves Jews. He combines science with Torah. He is a legend.’
  • ‘He was clear, focused, amusing and appropriate for Shabbat. This was truly an insight into the world of a religious rocket man.’