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Hendon: Mitzvot education day

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A multi-station event on the Shul premises giving the participants a hands on experience of many exciting and fun Mitzvot.


To increase awareness and understanding of key Mitzvot; to provide a positive Jewish experience for our community and to build and strengthen a sense of community

 Evaluation from Rabbi Binstock

“This programme appealed to and brought in far greater numbers than we would normally be able to attract for a “non-Shabbat” programme. It enabled us to connect our community to important Jewish rituals in a fun and engaging way. It has shown us that given the correct programme, we can draw in larger crowds to “non-Shabbat” activities.”

 Participant Feedback

  • My children had a lovely time, I refreshed my knowledge of Kashrut, checking vegetables and fruit.
  • We really enjoyed the event. All the activities were well thought out. Thank you very much.
  • Great to see so many members of our Kehillah running the activities.