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Homemade Hamantaschen get Luton into the Purim spirit

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To build excitement ahead of Purim, Luton invited Rebbetzen Vogel of Ealing to run a Hamantaschen-baking workshop that not only taught its members how to make the traditional Purim treats, but also explored the various symbolic associations that the triangular pastries have acquired. It functioned well as a social event, with the Rebbetzen noting how people stayed behind to chat.

Evaluation from Rivkah Schwei, Rebbetzen:

‘People enjoyed learning the art of making pastry dough and then rolling out and filling one that had been prepared in advance – everyone took home hamantashen in a pretty box. I noticed that at the end, many people stayed around to chat, which always indicates to me that they are enjoying themselves. The event attracted nearly thirty people, including children, from various places as well as members who do not usually come to our social events.’

Participant Feedback:

  • ‘It was great to be among our fellow Jews, connecting, laughing but also doing something very seriously spiritual. It is so nice for the Chief Rabbi to support this event.’
  • ‘It was well planned and well executed. I thoroughly enjoyed it!’
  • ‘We really enjoyed it. It was fun to be with our friends and meet new people.’
  • ‘Very well run event, a lot of fun and everyone enjoyed it. Learnt something as well!’