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Hale goes to the Everyman

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Hale shul pulled out all the stops and hired out an Everyman cinema so the community could watch the thought-provoking film ‘Jojo Rabbit’ in comfort and style. The film explores Nazi Germany through the eyes of a child in a new and startling take on the gene. By creating a specific time and place for the community to see it together a bigger discussion was ignited and the importance of remembering was reaffirmed.

Evaluation from Chair Ben Sallon:

“The film had a big appeal and on point message to our Jewish community. Cutting edge and stylish venue appealed to a wide audience. The feedback from all those present was that they are looking forward to the next similar style event!”

Participant feedback

  • ‘It was an insightful film showing love over hate can win. It made a difference seeing it surrounded by other shul members in an amazing setting, bringing the point home that despite everything we are here and thriving’.
  • ‘It was a film I wanted to see, made even better by the choice of cinema and the ability to share the experience with other members and friends’.