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Enfield’s Purim at the British Museum

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Enfield members had a one-of-a-kind immersive festive experience as they enjoyed a sociable and educational Purim-themed visit to the British Museum. They experienced an onsite Megillah reading in a private room, complete with fancy dress and exotic headgear, before being led by Dr Raphi Zarum on a tour of ancient Persian artefacts as he set the scene for the Purim story. A special Seudah and the giving of Mishloach Manot also featured during the memorable day.


To extend Purim celebrations to include the morning activities in an enjoyable, exciting, informative and educational way

To bring the WOW factor to this festival and show that knowledge is power

Evaluation from Rebbetzen Sufrin:

‘The programme was outstanding in every way, it superseded my high expectations. Out of the group of 30, there was just 1 person who would have made the effort to hear the megillah that morning. The megillah reading was very good, the food was excellent and the tour with Dr Zarum was outstanding. The participants were blown away by the entire event and mesmerised by Dr Zarum’s tour’

Participant Feedback:

  • I gained a bit more knowledge about Persia and thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon
  • It was quite exceptional. Well beyond my wildest expectations. It was educational, but also social.  I have never experienced a Purim like this before.  We are so lucky to have Mrs. Tzipporah Sufrin to arrange all this
  • A fantastic speaker who brought the Purim story alive. I was very happy to see the link with history and the reality of the Megillah unroll in front of me
  • Fantastic. Well organized and it was amazing to hear the Megillah read at the British Museum.  Our Rebbetzen did a wonderful job organising everything