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Brighton & Hove: Lunch and Learn

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Having suffered a recent decline in numbers at their weekly Lunch and Learn adult education sessions, Brighton & Hove availed of CRE funding to enhance their learning session by providing a hot kosher lunch with multiple courses. A target of 20 was exceeded, and 24 people came to partake in an enthusiastic discussion that was of both great educational and social value for participants – a considerable success given that generally 5-6 people attend.


To enhance local opportunities for Jewish adult education; to provide a relaxed and sociable environment in which people can learn.

Evaluation from Rabbi Hershel Rader:

“Attendees commented on the warm, convivial atmosphere and the excellent food. The talk, based on the Sidra of the week, received an excellent reaction. We succeeded in attracting non-members, as well as those who have not previously attended an adult education event. This has shown that adult education can be ‘enjoyable’ and will hopefully continue to attract people back for what will become a monthly fixture.”

Participant Feedback:

  • A wonderful opportunity to gain some valuable insight into this complex subject, which greatly expanded my perspective
  • As always, I came away with a thought-provoking analysis of a subject that I have long been curious about. For future communal events, I would be especially interested to hear from speakers under the Chief Rabbi’s sphere of influence.
  • The session was a real chance to find some spiritual food for thought, while forging new relationships in a convivial and relaxed environment.