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The Chief Rabbi’s Ben Azzai Programme 2016-17

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On Wednesday 28th December 2016, 16 outstanding university students travelled to Mumbai for an immersive and extraordinary study trip to better understand the Jewish response to extreme poverty, as part of the Chief Rabbi’s Ben Azzai Programme.

During the trip, the participants saw for themselves the challenges of a society in which access to education, shelter and nutritious food are often considered a privilege and not a right. They had the opportunity to meet with a number of individuals and aid organisations and have accepted upon themselves the responsibility to now share with their peers and their community what they saw.

Ahead of the trip, two of the participants, Eli Baigel and Mikey Lebrett, wrote pieces in the Jewish Chronicle and The Times of Israel, respectively, offering some brief reflections about what they were expecting from the trip. You can access Eli’s piece here and read Mikey’s Blog here.

Watch the video below for further insight into the programme.


You can also read about the remarkable experience of some of the students who participated in the Programme, in an interview conducted by The Times of Israel. Click here to read the full interview.

For more about the participants’ activities whilst they were in Mumbai, you can like ‘The Ben Azzai Programme’ (@BenAzzai) page on Facebook or follow @Ben_Azzai on Twitter.