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The Chief Rabbi’s Ben Azzai Programme: Participant Review

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Thursday was our last day in Tamale and we spent it speaking to and learning from the youth leaders at Nyankpala, a rural community. The focus of the day was on mutual understanding and appreciation, and we discussed the various challenges which we face in our lives.

But beyond the evident differences in our lifestyles and backgrounds, most of the day was centred on the remarkable similarities we share. From teaching and learning camp games to discussing various strategies of sustainable development and experiencing a Ghanaian-style lesson, we explored each other’s perspectives, traditions and motivations. Perhaps the highlight was teaching each other songs and chants from our respective cultures. It was truly beautiful to see the two groups unite through music on a purely human level.

As we return to Accra for Shabbat and the final day of a transformative trip for every single one of us, we can’t wait to start sharing our experiences properly with you when we are back in the UK – watch this space!

By George Rosenfeld, Ben Azzai Programme 2017 participant