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The Chief Rabbi and the Archbishop of Canterbury launch the ‘In Good Faith’ Initiative

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On Monday 14th November, the ‘In Good Faith’ initiative was launched at Lambeth Palace.

More than seventy Rabbis and Priests from around the UK have gathered in London for an historic day of dialogue.

“In Good Faith” was created by the Chief Rabbi and the Archbishop of Canterbury not only as a catalyst for cultivating better engagement between Jewish and Anglican religious leaders but also as a way of providing better opportunities for interfaith activity at grass roots level.

In his opening remarks, the Chief Rabbi emphasised the importance of follow up: “The most important part of today is tomorrow. It is what will result as a consequence of our collaboration. Therefore I give this challenge to you: don’t just reflect in the future on what a lovely day this was in Lambeth Palace. The strength of what we are doing . . . is to encourage us all to work together … to guarantee that the outstanding relationships that we have at leadership level will trickle down to the grassroots within our communities, so that indeed as faith leaders, we will make a change in this challenging world of ours.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby said, “It is in the everyday conversations, the grassroots initiatives and the building of local bridges between Christians and Jews, our synagogues and churches, that we will see real change and the hope for a divided world and nation”.

Throughout the day, the Rabbis and Priests engaged in group discussions dealing with a number of pressing issues. Topics included a discussion on combating religious extremism, the challenge of creating and sustaining thriving faith communities, the Holy Land and its implications for inter-religious relations, while there was also a reflection on the opportunities that existed, within both faiths, to contribute to the common good together.