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Central Synagogue: Shabbat with Rabbi Shaw

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After glowing feedback following a previous scholar-in-residence Shabbaton, Central wanted to recreate this multifaceted communal Shabbat by inviting the renowned Rabbi Andrew Shaw to address the congregation at various points during the weekend. Rabbi Shaw’s enlightening talks for both adults and children were interspersed with lively services and a special Cholent lunch for kids, in line with the programme’s special focus on youth.


To attract both members and non-members, especially the children, to a unique weekend with communal meals and a thought-provoking speaker.

Evaluation from Steven Leas (Chazan):

“Rabbi Shaw and his family were superb. His talks to the community were very well-received and wholly thought-provoking. More people attended the service and Cholent lunch than would have ordinarily, and attendees were clearly engaged by Rabbi Shaw’s message, which got them talking and thinking about the future of both British and world Jewry. Everyone was very pleased with the event and expressed desires for similar programmes in the future.”

Participant Feedback:

  • I was totally absorbed by Rabbi Shaw’s sermon, which was inclusive, modern and timely.
  • Rabbi Shaw’s talks were articulated very clearly and totally up to speed, teaching me more about Jewish life and assuring me that he will be a difficult act to follow!
  • An excellent speaker who was unsurprisingly judicious in his choice of subject.
  • By listening to Rabbi Shaw’s inspiring talks I gained an insight into the issue of assimilation and the urgent need to engage our youth in Jewish life.