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Bournemouth: Shabbat with IDF chaplain

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A Shabbat programme with IDF army chaplain Rabbi Shalom Hammer


To create achdut within the community and engage people over Shabbat and to create awareness and understanding of the role of an IDF army chaplain.

 Evaluation from Rabbi Jesner

“This Shabbat brought people closer to Torah and an appreciation of how a Modern Orthodox Jew relates to Israel and Shabbat today. It brought people into the community that otherwise would not have come. Attendees were all impressed. It was wonderful that the youth came to the talk and stayed to eat and socialise.”

 Participant Feedback

  • It was interesting to hear from an Orthodox Rabbi living in Israel about his work educating secular members of society and reaching out.
  • I gained perspective as to why I should support Israel.
  • The speaker was inspirational and very interesting. I gained some fresh insight into Judaism and Israel.
  • I have now experienced what our Shul can achieve with your support, so please keep it up!
  • It is not always easy for our community to access these events and it is expensive. I am grateful for the support given to the small provincial communities from CRE.

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