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Bollywood Purim at Watford United

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Purim at Watford had a Bollywood flavour as Bangra dancers were hired to teach members, many of whom had come dressed in traditional saris and tunics for the occasion, how to dance like professionals. There were even more in attendance than had been expected for the programme of activities, which included Megillah readings, children’s activities downstairs, a full Indian meal and Misloach Manot parcels for all the children. The event was hugely popular among participants, who said it was like no party they had attended before.


To bring people in and ensure they have a Purim in the shul to remember

To attract those who may not otherwise attend shul on Purim

To attract those who may have been floating and looking around for their Purim celebrations

Evaluation from Rabbi Levine:

‘The purpose of bringing in the Bollywood dancers was to add a new element to Purim that hadn’t been done before, in order to attract people who wouldn’t otherwise have attended. From this point of view, the event was a success. The event brought a real sense of togetherness and enjoyment on Purim day. The CCE sponsorship allowed us to bring in the dancers, who brought such a unique and special element to the overall celebration that I cannot imagine it being such much fun without it!’

Participant Feedback:

  • Absolutely amazing, it was a  very creative idea to bring in professional dancers. We had the best time and couldn’t walk anymore afterwards! Thank you to the Rabbi and Rebbetzen for organising
  • There were two Megillah readings in the morning followed by the best Purim Party I have been to in years. Everything was so well arranged and a great deal of work must have gone into it
  • Fantastic event, loved (!!!!) the Bollywood dancing organised by the Rabbi, really brought so much joy. Thank you so much for making it special and memorable. As an Israeli it truly felt like home
  • A great day celebrating Purim with Bollywood dancers, great costumes, good food, a magician for the children and heaps of fun. Watford Shul at its best!
  • It was absolutely amazing and such great fun!!!!!! It felt like I was in Israel again and I have missed that feeling so much!! Thanks so much for your kind donation to help us make the mitzvah of been happy on Purim
  • I thought it was excellent, very well run and great addition with the Bollywood dancers!