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Birmingham Central: A pioneering concert for Lag B’Omer

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As part of their programme celebrating Lag B’Omer, Birmingham Central members enjoyed an evening of orchestral music that featured works by Jewish composers and used pioneering technology to enhance the sound of the music, thus creating the impression of a full orchestra. Rabbi Kaminetsky was among the musicians, as a professional violinist, and attendees were given an explanation as to the historical and religious background of Lag B’Omer, as well as its connection to music. Attendees mingled over light refreshments.



To raise awareness of the significance of Lag B’omer

To bring together in a religious setting many diverse groups from around the wider Birmingham community

To provide both cultural entertainment and to expand communal awareness of a significant day within the Jewish calendar

Evaluation form Sybil Prais

‘The concert was fantastic with amazing performances from the musicians, together with the uniquely pioneering Symphonova method, which has only been performed a few times worldwide. 26 musicians, technicians and support staff travelled up from London and the Home Counties. The audience absolutely loved it! Some of the comments received: “Brilliant!” “Atmospheric and unforgettable!” “Fabulous, what talent!” “More concerts please.” ‘

Participant Feedback:

  • I certainly came away with a greater understanding about Lag Ba’Omer
  • It was nice to socialise with people from the other communities in the city
  • I found the whole experience uplifting. The atmosphere in the synagogue was joyful and celebratory and the quality of music and musicianship from all participants was exceptional
  • A knowledge of an amazing new technology bringing the sound of a full orchestra to the likes of a small shul hall. Shelley Katz – a brilliant man