Office of the Chief Rabbi

Birmingham Central’s Cultural Ladies Trip to London


The trip took the ladies and a few men, down to London for a day of historical interest and bonding. There was a walking tour around Whitechapel that focused on the lives of historical women from the area and of course the Jewish history that ties in with it. It was a light hearted day out for members of the shul to socialise outside of regular hours. They day ended with a delicious meal in Soyo which was enjoyed by everyone.

Evaluation from Events Coordinator Karin Malol:

“The ladies (and some gents too!) enjoyed learning about the history of Jewish ladies in the East End of London. They said the tour was fascinating and loved sharing a wonderful day out in London”. 

Participant Feedback:

  • ‘This was amazingly good value for the amount we paid. I am most grateful to the Chief Rabbi’s office for its assistance. Many women attending could not have afforded to, had it not been for the generosity of CCE’.
  • ‘It was great, as one of the three men on the trip I thoroughly enjoyed it. The guide Rachel Kosky was amazing. Her knowledge and delivery were superb. The trip was well organised and we arrived back in Birmingham at the predicted time. Amazing’.