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Belmont: First Night Communal Seder

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Participants in Belmont’s first night communal seder relived the story of Pesach with a colourful educational programme that used costumes, puppets and props to bring The Ten Plagues and much else to life. Coming together with the ‘Belmont family’ was a unique way of making the traditional meal that bit more exciting, as attendees were provided with new ideas and educational insights into the festival while socialising with friends and family.


To engage and enthuse those members who may not normally have a traditional Seder; to help them understand the story of the Exodus and what Pesach is all about.

Evaluation from Tim Gellman

‘We had a wonderful Communal Seder at Belmont. The atmosphere was delightful with the hall buzzing with ruach and excitement. The food was very good and the Seder was inclusive, informative and fun. The programme was very successful in bringing together a range of Belmont members (as well as a few guests) from various parts of the community. Everyone left feeling very uplifted. Many children attended too, having had an evening that will live in their memories for a long time. Many thanks to the CRE for such wonderful support.’

Participant Feedback

  • It was one of the best Sedarim that I have attended
  • We’ve learnt that the Seder can be more fun than we thought
  • I came away with a greater sense of community and just how much fun a seder can be