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Barnet: Ellul Learning Programme

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Barnet members were treated to a series of three enlightening lectures that provided refreshing angles on the High Holidays in advance of the Yom Tovim. The Ellul Learning Programme brought in renowned speakers from LSJS to discuss such topics as the meaning of Teshuvah and its importance, thereby providing spiritual nourishment to participants and strengthening their connection to textual study. This left them feeling prepared as they headed into Rosh Hashana.


To involve as many members as possible in a series of Jewish Education lectures for all different levels
To make prepare members for a more meaningful spiritual experience over the Yom Tovim

Evaluation from Rabbi Lerer

‘It was an opportunity for members of the community to engage with the upcoming High holidays. The talks were excellent, all given by professionals who are top of their field and pitched at varying levels, so there was something for everyone. It allowed members of the community to come together and learn about the High Holidays before the event so that they did not enter them blindly. A big thank you to the CRE for their help with funding this project. It would not have happened without your support!’

Participant Feedback:

  • This programme has made me realise that it’s time to think about myself and study text
  • I have gained a deeper appreciation of the meaning of Teshuvah, as well as a motivation to improve myself over the High Holy Days
  • Was wonderful to hear my favourite speakers from LSJS in my own synagogue, without having to drive to Hendon!