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Alei Tzion: Scholar in Residence Rabbi Shalom Rosner

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Alei Tzion’s latest Scholar-in-Residence programme involved a range of high-quality lectures delivered by Rabbi Shalom Rosner over the course of a weekend. Rabbi Rosner, of the Modern Orthodox Zionist community in Israel, shared thought-provoking Torah insights with a crowd composed of both members and non-members, who left inspired.


To expose the members of the community as well as members of the wider community to the best of the Torah scholarship from one of today’s modern orthodox Zionist rabbinic leaders

Evaluation from Rabbi Roselaar

‘The aim of the programme was to provide a weekend of high-level and intellectually challenging education. The scholar-in-residence gave shiurim to a wide cross-section of the community and the range of shiurim presented meant that there was something for everyone. A significant number of members and non-members attended the shiurim and lectures and were inspired by them.’

Participant Feedback:

  • Excellent range of talks and events over the weekend that catered to different parts of the congregation and levels of learning. I felt that the shul made good use of Rav Rosner’s time
  • Rabbi Rosner was a highly motivating speaker with impressive Torah insight.
  • The shiur was very impressive with high quality content and really excellent delivery
  • Very talented and engaging speaker. Thank you!