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A Spiritually Uplifting Shabbat in Kenton with the Travelling Chassidim

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The inspiring Travelling Chassidim made their way to Kenton to spend a Shabbat with the community there. They were hosted by the families of the Kenton community allowing for a truly immersive and shared experience. The Chassidim’s unique style included singing and sharing stories throughout Shabbat, ending with a rousing Havdala ceremony.

Evaluation From Vice-Chair Roy Block:

“Our guests were so friendly and transmitted the love and enjoyment of a whole Shabbat – all the meals and services featured beautiful singing. We shared stories and experiences, sang and danced and knew straight away that we had made good friends, who will come back again, for more. The Chassidic families also enjoyed being with us as much as we did with them and there was a great spirit of togetherness. We mixed and chatted all day as each part of Shabbat in shul gave many opportunities for engagement.”

Participant Feedback: 

  • ‘I enjoyed learning about the Chassidim and their way of life and that we must not judge people by perception or stereotyping. We are all Jews together’.
  • ‘It was an excellent, wonderful, stimulating and musical Shabbat in warm loving company’.