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A New Look for the New Year in Solihull

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Solihull combined several programmes in the lead up to Rosh Hashana to ensure top levels of inspiration and engagement were achieved. Starting with a community Challah bake to get everyone in the Yom Tov mood for a fresh and sweet year. There was also a pre Rosh Hashana honey cake distribution to ensure that everyone in the area could have a taste of sweetness. The shul then gathered on Yom Tov and had a wonderful Chazzan Sheini with them in order that the services could run as smoothly as possible and create a beautiful and uplifting atmosphere.

Evaluation from Rabbi Yehuda Pink:

“We were able to attract people who had never been to Shul before and increase the engagement of those who had. Starting with the Challah Bake and pre Yom Tov Honey Cake distribution and culminating with the Chazanim and commentary we exceeded expectations. Thank you to CCE for your support. It means so much to a tiny community and has really allowed us to aim high at this special time of the year”.

Participant Feedback:

  • ‘This was my first time ever coming to a Jewish Event. I went to the Challah Bake and the Rabbi’s wife persuaded me to come to Synagogue for the New Year. It was a very moving experience. The singing was amazing and the Rabbi’s commentary made it very meaningful and easy to follow even though I have never been to a Synagogue before’.
  • ‘Rabbi Pink provided lots of info and this helped the service to fly by. Thought provoking and fulfilling Always finding something different to learn and ponder over’.