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Luton Explores the Stars

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Luton members gathered on a Sunday afternoon to learn about a topic that often seems far, far away. ‘The stars and how they affect your personality’ was the theme of the talk, given by Sara Osdoba who has a certificate in Professional Coaching and Focused Counselling Skills. Sara gave a talk deeply rooted in Torah thought and its approaches to star signs and the belief that they can affect, and therefore be used to enhance, our personalities. She also delved into the four elements of Fire, Wind, Earth and Water and talked about how we can look at their strengths and weaknesses and interpret our own personalities through them and see how different aspects can work together and form relationships.

Evaluation from Rebbetzen Schwei:

“The lunch and speaker was a social that attracted members and non-members. People were very interested to hear the Jewish view of the stars and their connection our personality and relationships. It turned out to be rather therapeutic for many as the speaker is also a counsellor and illustrated her talk with many real life scenarios which people related to. No one was in a rush to leave even after the long presentation which always tells me that they are enjoying themselves”.

Participant Feedback:

  • ‘I enjoyed the event and found the ideas informative and learned how earth, fire, air and water are connected to the Torah’.
  • ‘It was interesting to cover the topic of birthday-related characteristics and to explore how it affects our lives’.