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Singers Hill Visit Bournemouth for an Uplifiting Shabbaton

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This exciting shabbaton took the community from Singers Hill down to Bournemouth in order to spend a Shabbat with new faces in a new environment. The change of scenery not only made for a wonderful setting but also allowed for a truly immersive Shabbat, with members fully engaged in the spirit of the day. Joining with the Bournemouth community, again allowed for a wonderful atmosphere, as the participants of all ages relaxed together and spent quality time with each other on this precious day. The meals were a highlight, as was the vibrant Q and A that was enjoyed by all.

Evaluation from Rabbi Yossi Jacobs:

“Seeing the unity of people spending time together whilst observing Shabbat together was amazing. Seeing everyone walking to Shul together and seeing people interact who are not normally friendly with each other was really special. The shabbaton gave the community the chance to spend time together in a way they normally do not have the chance to do”.

Participant Feedback: