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A United Bushey Celebrates Israel in Style

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The event navigated the difficult transition between the sombre Yom HaZikaron commemorations and the uplifting spirit on Yom Ha’Zikaron and all the hope for the future that it represents. The evening started with a ceremony dedicated to the fallen Israeli soldiers, with a minute’s silence, speakers and meaningful prayers. This led into a vibrant celebration of Israel, which included music with a live band led by a Shul member, an Israeli style BBQ and dancing. All elements combined to create an energetic communal spirit. Everyone came together to celebrate the country we all have so much gratitude for.

Evaluation from David Menashy:

“The aim was to bring Israel to the heart of Bushey, using this commonality to draw the community together. In my opinion, the event was received very positively and achieved its aims. Members generally flocked to volunteer to help in any way possible and this definitely empowered a “team spirit” and strong bonding. I’m sure Israel would be proud of them all”.

Participant Feedback:

  • ‘It was superb, with tremendous ruach. An amazing party that followed a profoundly moving and powerful ceremony to mark Yom Ha’Zickaron’.
  • ‘Such a wonderful evening, full of good feeling and love towards Israel. So happy I went’!