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‘Strictly Kosher’ convention @ Yeshurun HC

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The ease with which it is possible to keep kosher and key halachic debates around Kashrut practices were top of the agenda at Yeshurun Hebrew Congregation’s all-day Strictly Kosher event. As well as having a representative from KLBD available to provide information about kosher food in mainstream supermarkets, there were also Rabbis from across the Manchester communities who spoke, and a Kashrut authority from Israel – Rabbi Duvdevani – who talked separately about the age-old problem of eating kosher food on holiday, and Shechita. He had also been the scholar in residence at the shul over Shabbat.


To show that it is simple to keep kosher today

To provide an informal time for people to ask all the questions they’ve always wanted to ask

Evaluation from Rabbi Atlas:

‘The aims were set to show people it is not a difficult as they think to keep kosher. The talks, both on the day and by Rabbi Duvdevani over Shabbat showed the ease of keeping kosher – for example when abroad and in your own home. The KLBD exhibition showed people a wide range of kosher products and how easily accessible they are to buy from normal supermarkets.’

Participant Feedback:

  • I’ve gained much greater clarity on kashrut issues, including practical advice on buying food when abroad. I was very pleased that the speakers were accessible for one-to-one conversations after the lectures
  • I came away with more knowledge about travelling and keeping kosher. I also understand more about whisky stored in sherry casks!
  • In short, both talks had clear parameters, were easy to follow and very instructive
  • Excellent speakers and the illustrations really helped to understand the subject. Thank you for a really wonderful educational afternoon
  • I attended the whole of the Sunday session, and thought it really informative and well put together. The speakers were knowledgeable as well as entertaining. It was a really good event