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Project Welcome

The Office of the Chief Rabbi and United Synagogue are pleased to launch Project Welcome.


We’re delighted that increasing numbers of people are returning to be a part of our communities. But we know that numbers in many communities are yet to return to pre-pandemic levels. Despite the challenges which continue to be posed by the pandemic, we see enormous opportunity ahead. Project Welcome will provide support and resources to help each community to seize this opportunity to articulate an ambitious vision and achieve their potential.

We will support each community to deliver a programme which will engage its members and create genuine connections. Whether with brand new ideas, or by reinventing old habits, each shul will be encouraged to think strategically and creatively to provide a vision and Jewish journey for its members, and in time to attract new members to take part in their community.

Support will be provided in the form of:

Tailored assistance for your leadership team to go through a strategic thinking process.

A series of videos and webinars on strategy, engaging particular demographic groups, and programming

Programme ideas and how-to guides

A dedicated pot of funding (combined CCE (the Chief Rabbi’s Centre for Community Excellence) and United Synagogue) to help you to achieve your goals

Process and Stages:

We would like to support you and your community on this journey and hope that the process itself is straightforward for you. If you haven’t done so already please get in touch to arrange a meeting with us before completing the application form.

The application form and budget spreadsheet can be found below and should be sent back to

Useful Documents:

Project Welcome Application form (editable)

Project Welcome Budget spreadsheet

Project Welcome Terms and Conditions