Office of the Chief Rabbi

Chief Rabbi attends UJS Leadership Summit

Prior to the start of the new academic year, the Chief Rabbi joined the Union of Jewish Students’ (UJS) ‘Time to Lead’ summit to offer his view on why a “trailblazer” makes a great leader and our responsibility, as Jews, to assist others in need.

Students listen to the Chief Rabbi as he explores the qualities of what makes a good leader

The Chief Rabbi advises students on what makes a great leader

He explained that kindness was an innate part of the Jewish tradition, and that leaders are propelled to greatness by a willingness to identify problems and act on them. Chief Rabbi Mirvis also propounded the need for mutual respect and understanding, saying that “we should be mature enough to respect the views of others…the hallmark of leadership is compassion, empathy and understanding.” This resonated with the cross-communal nature of the event, at which Reform Movement Senior Rabbi Laura Janner Klausner and Israeli Embassy spokesman Yiftah Curiel also spoke.