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The Chief Rabbi on the Tricycle Theatre & the UK Jewish Film Festival

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The Tricycle Theatre’s decision to cancel their contract with the UK Jewish Film Festival is unfairly singling out the Jewish community, and directly contravening the very aims of its own body, says the Chief Rabbi. 

“I am deeply disappointed by the Tricycle’s decision to not host the 2014 Jewish Film Festival. To single-out the Jewish Film Festival and hold them to a different standard may not be rooted in antisemitism but the implications of such a divisive decision has and will have a profoundly negative impact on our community. The Tricycle’s actions serve to punish a whole community and censor the arts based on a view it holds of a conflict elsewhere. It is ironic that an organisation which should pride itself on the importance of the arts in building bridges and bringing people together, is instead creating barriers to communities and peace. I call upon those at the Tricycle to work with the Jewish community to seek alternative ways to positively affect this conflict, instead of fueling an environment of isolation and demonization. Together we can be creative, constructive and collaborative in our efforts to advance peace and understanding in the region.”