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Pinner: Kabbalat Shabbat and Sushi Kiddush

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Kabbalat Shabbat services followed by a Sushi Kiddish


To attract young members to shul on Friday night and create a new religious rhythm of going to Shul as a family at least once a month

 Evaluation from Rabbi Bergson

“THI Friday addresses an educational and spiritual need in Pinner and is already making a positive impact. Prior to THI Friday, there were almost no children and young families attending Kabbalat Shabbat. We have now doubled the number attending a Kabbalat Shabbat style service. We were delighted to see new faces and non-Shul members who live in the area.”

 Participant Feedback

  • I can now see the reality that Pinner could have a future with the younger generation
  • We do not normally attend on Friday night but as there was such a family friendly service we decided to attend. It was a lovely service, and we will return again when the event is next on. Also the food was good – kids loved the sushi!
  • It was good to show the kids, in a less formal atmosphere, the spiritual side of Shabbat
  • This is a way to get over 100 people in Shul on a Friday night who would not have been there otherwise

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