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Conflict resolution and transparent leadership: The Chief Rabbi and F.W. de Klerk in conversation

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The Chief Rabbi was joined by South Africa’s former President F.W. de Klerk at a fundraising dinner for an Israeli charity last night. Speaking at Migdal Ohr’s event in aid of the Zoharim youth village in the south of Israel, they discussed their respective upbringings, and how these subsequently influenced their lives, as well as principles for conflict resolution and their application to contemporary life.

Both men reflected on how effective and transparent leadership could translate into meaningful change, with President de Klerk considering his part in brokering the end of Apartheid in South Africa and the Chief Rabbi talking about his efforts to draw attention to the current refugee crisis.

Questioned by the moderator about his thoughts on whether Israel was an apartheid state, given that this week has been designated by campaigners as ‘Israel Apartheid Week’ in the UK, the former President refuted the claim, repeating sentiments he had expressed in a private meeting with the Chief Rabbi earlier this week.

Migdal Ohr was founded over 40 years to care Jewish children at risk in Israel, and now supports 12,000 young people each week.