Office of the Chief Rabbi

Rabbis for Communities

Communities need Rabbis.

Religious provision is a priority of CCE, which endeavours to support those communities lacking either a full or part-time Rabbi.

We aim to provide communities that do not currently have a Rabbi with a dynamic and experienced spiritual leader to support them. We have an excellent team of Rabbis to do this.

Each Rabbi is typically responsible for looking after the needs of several communities within the regions, usually clustered together. They will visit their allocated communities regularly throughout the year, building up their relationship with the members and assisting them in all areas of communal life. These Rabbis will have the ability to assist with leading services, officiating at life-cycle events, community cohesion, giving Halachic advice (where appropriate), education, staging enriching events throughout the Jewish year and more.

If you would like more information about ‘Rabbis for Communities’, please get in touch on 02083436308 or

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