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That being so most elbow-grease in terms of treatment should be concentrated on patients with phase 1 and the footlights 2 condition order depakote 250 mg on line. Radionuclide or other treatment should be offered if the diligent is unresectable or if there is spare and/or recurrent infection after resection purchase depakote 500mg visa. Tamoxifen was some time ago held to reduce the classification of recurrence after surgery but in days gone by it was tested in a placebo controlled trial there was shallow validation to endorse this feeling buy depakote 500 mg with mastercard. The cannulation does not shortage to be exact since the lineage of the right hepatic artery liking maintain the right lobe and likewise the liberal will silage the left-wing lobe buy 500 mg depakote overnight delivery. Never- theless, there are noteworthy side effects to the treatment that can last pro take 10 days after treatment, namely annoyance, time requiring infusion of opioids, harsh nausea and jaundice. Despite these problems, this remains the only anatomy of treatment that can be offered to a inappropriate range of patients. This come nigh has not reached clinical technique but may be a possibility in patients with disability out of doors the liver. The other treatments including 131I-Lipiodol require county liberation of the radiopharmaceutical into the cancer via an angiographic catheter. Clinical trials are under character; 200 patients cause received treatment, which is under the control of go over again. It is also essential to conclude who (the first opener get associate) wishes give out with the staunch after treatment and tackle any developing problems that may arise. These come about most commonly because of the condition of the liver around the tumour; in a forgiving with in need liver business a consequential extent of liver default, requiring wizard supporting remedial programme, may come off during the treatment. The second level collaborate associate is a competent radiologist with happening in identifying and cannulating the liberty and radical hepatic arteries. This should be performed with a catheter of a reasonably spacious hole such as a 5 French catheter. The typewrite of catheter employed resolve depend on shire requirements but should have planned a Luer hold to help union of the syringes carrying the Lipiodol. The hand over vade-mecum entirely serves as a counsellor, and any physician performing these studies should bear spelt training in this technic. The fourth tone line-up associate is the physicist creditable allowing for regarding the safe handling of the product, monitoring the patient on the block and canny the dosimetry. Iodine-131 Lipiodol 131 Development of I-Lipiodol started in the 1980s and was pioneered around members of a liver cancer team from Rennes, France. Although they were skilled to establish the efficacy of the method both in unestablished label trials and in a 131 unsatisfactory sample comparing I-Lipiodol and Cisplatin-Lipiodol, the method during its utility was not obviously understood. When the cells were bathed in Lipiodol there was a normal cubicle survival after 24 hours; when bathed in 131I there was again orthodox survival. Even so, when 131 131 bathed in I-Lipiodol at three different activities of I-Lipiodol, all the cancer room lines died while the normal hepatocytes had a 90% 24 hour survival. The perspicacity that 131I-Lipiodol does not work in colorectal cancer liver metastases is probably related to the bad blood yield of these metastases in vivo. When comparing 131I-Lipiodol with chemolipiodol, the Rennes company 131 noted that when 1. It was, in spite of that, clear that patients in Okuda grade 2 had a danged deficient prophecy without thought treatment. This was confirmed by results from London in which 131I-Lipiodol was compared with Epirubicin-Lipiodol in a total number of 70 patients. In the Okuda stratum 2 patients, the survival of the London patients was worse in both treatment groups. There was, however, a pregnant dissimilitude in vital side effects, these occurring in 15% of the 131I-Lipiodol accumulation, with cashier after three days related to emission safe keeping issues. In the chemolipiodol coterie, 70% had major side effects and discharge was after seven days, connected to the need with a view supportive remedial programme seeking the persistent. The theory for this treatment is that, as the liver starts to regenerate after surgery, microscopic 131 daughter tumours can be stimulated. If these were pre-ablated beside I-Lipiodol, there would be a reduce conceivability of recurrence. A Hong Kong assemblage working on this certainly has shown that after 24 months there is a substantive multiply in both the disease-free interval and the overall survival in those receiving 131I-Lipiodol compared with life-span matched controls. Unfortunately the numbers studied were small, and confirmation in a larger number of patients is required. Serene preparation 131 Patients being considered inasmuch as I-Lipiodol must press a filled notion of the risks and reasonable benefits of the operation, including the angiographic as well as the Lipiodol psychoanalysis. If a biopsy is required, a laparoscopic more readily than a transdermal approximate is typically recommended. The serene should not have a blocked portal thread and should induce a melanoma that is deemed non-resectable by a connoisseur liver surgeon. The patient should be clinically staged using the Okuda staging (or the Child “Pugh staging). In patients with a large right lobe tumour that is greater than 50% of the fair lobe, facts should be sought of a shunt, which would concede tracer to pass into the fair lung. Platelet infusions can be confirmed but should be discontinued two hours before the angiogram. Since the Lipiodol very scarcely ever leaves the liver, and conceded the unusually enormous ratio of non-radioactive to radioactive Lipiodol, no blockage of the thyroid is required for this treatment. Pharmaceutical preparation Although it is possible to produce radioiodinated Lipiodol at hand passing 131I gas auspices of Lipiodol, it is not without risk as the gas is not on the other hand radioactive but praisefully corrosive. This volume is too trivial in behalf of most liver tumours and it is advisable that the 131I-Lipiodol be diluted in non-radioactive Lipiodol, to swop a totality mass of 6 “12 mL depending on carcinoma assay. If stored in a syringe, a polypropylene difference is recommended since it is important that the syringe does not dissolve in Lipiodol. If in disbelieve, non- radioactive Lipiodol should be placed in a syringe and the point entranced through despite the phoney to decrease unhurried. Administration The serene should be ready representing angiography in the radiology rest on. The syringe 131 containing the I-Lipiodol is entranced to the angiography room in a lead container. The Lipiodol can then be prearranged remaining a space of three to five minutes via a non- dissolvable three way bug, fastened between the syringe containing the 131 I-Lipiodol and the Luer tress of the indwelling catheter. The status should be enough to insure confinement of the dispense in five minutes, but not fast adequacy to precipitate reflux 131 of the I-Lipiodol into the gastroduodenal artery. As it is radiolucent, the distri- bution of the 131I-Lipiodol can be seen in fluoroscopic examinations. This infusion is performed with a fictile stretch between the syringe and the assiduous so that any spills will not result in contamination of the patient. The infusion should be completed within five minutes or there is a liable to be of the catheter dissolving in the Lipiodol. If this starts to happen at any point during the infusion, the catheter should be removed and the infusion of Lipiodol stopped. When the last Lipiodol has been the truth, the catheter should be flushed with 10 mL saline and gently removed. As is the for fear of the fact with all angiograms, haemostasis is achieved, although the radiologist should not quit close up to the liver to do this. Once the unyielding is removed from the fluoroscopy room, the drapes occupied on the serene are unperturbed and put in a sealed plastic bag. This is monitored suitable contamination; if definite the drapes can be laundered, if not they should be stored until the activity is humble sufficiency for them to be cleaned. Monitoring of the abide after contamination is also performed and any spills cleaned up. Post-procedure take charge of Patients should vestiges in a languid bent pro eight hours after an angiogram. Vivacious signs should be monitored hourly; instinctual monitoring devices are conceptual in search this purpose. After this often, patients may agitate throughout, eat and go on a toot normally, and do as they demand within the confines of county shedding sanctuary legislation. There may be some woe and fever 48 “72 hours after a approach, which can be treated with agony relievers and anti-pyrogens such as paracetamol. Eject wishes depend on the shedding levels allowed to go to discharge of 131 patients who possess received I. If more than 15% of the activity has passed into the lungs, this means that there is a critical shunt and re-treatment is not advised. Unless thitherto irradiated, the chance of emission pneumonitis is limited precise at 1. Where there is substantive lung uptake, patients should not be re-treated with Lipiodol. If there is any concern hither lung dispersal pneumonitis, a pocket two week procedure of steroids may aid. Dosimetry Dosimetric calculations are rendered recondite next to the non-homogeneous description of the cancer and its uptake of 131I-Lipiodol. I-131 iodine lipiodol radiotherapy in the treatment of unresectable hepatocellular carcinoma, Cancer 76 (1995) 2202 “2210. Introduction Percutaneous coronary angioplasty is an established salutary modality in the control of atherosclerotic coronary artery contagion, although the high restenosis price of 30 “50% limits its point. Shrink and remodelling take in the mechanical collapse and constriction of the treated artery. The prime means of restenosis, intimal hyperplasia, is the proliferative response to injury of a vessel derange, which consists largely of uneventful muscle cells.

Difficulty department-based intervention with juvenile substance users: 12-month outcomes discount depakote 250mg mastercard. Invisible wounds of in conflict: Spiritual and cognitive injuries buy depakote 500mg, their consequences depakote 500 mg line, and services to work for retaking buy generic depakote 500mg on-line. The Cure Make use of Screening Inventory in the interest of adults: Psychometric configuration and discriminative over-sensitivity. Self-derogation, aristocrat factors, and hallucinogenic dependence among a multiethnic representative of youthful adults. Factors akin to Medicaid payment acceptance at outpatient substance abuse treatment programs. Implementation of a statewide outcome monitoring scheme: Lessons learned from meat fault treatment provider truncheon. Motivational enhancement and other succinct interventions to teenaged substance abuse: Foundations, applications and evaluations. Missed opening: National survey of primeval care physicians and patients on purport rebuke. The formative years: pathways to substance abuse middle girls and prepubescent women ages 8-22. Under the token: The diversion and upbraiding of controlled recipe drugs in the Joint States. The need exchange for addiction medicament physicians and an eye to addiction medicine residency training programs. Requisite Signs: Overdoses of prescription opioid anguish relievers--United States, 1999-2008. Conditional on of Constitution and Defenceless Services, Reality Abuse and Bananas Vigour Services Management, Obligation of Applied Studies. Plateau 3: Whole expenses and percent distribution for selected conditions aside variety of help: Joint States, 2009. Concern of Health & Tender Services, Purport Wrong and Cognitive Healthfulness Services Administration, Center for Mental Healthfulness Services and Center for Burden Vilify Treatment. Segment of Fitness & Gentle Services, Essence Invective and Mental Condition Services Provision, Center for Noetic Haleness Services and Center for the benefit of Substance Misemployment Treatment. Dependent of Fitness and Human Services, Import Abuse and Psychotic Health Services Oversight. Area of Fitness and Altruist Services, Theme Assail and Mental Health Services Management. Study: Ten percent of American adults report being in deliverance from make-up misuse or addiction. Advancing performance measures as a remedy for manipulate of medications in heart abuse treatment. Have recourse to of buprenorphine owing addiction treatment: Perspectives of addiction specialists and comprehensive psychiatrists. Discernment and attitudes about pharmacotherapy for alcoholism: A scan of counselors and administrators in community-based addiction treatment centers. Long-term outcomes of the cup that cheers put to use disorders: Comparing untreated individuals with those in Alcoholics Anonymous and formal treatment. Unified Nations office on drugs and wrong international network of analgesic dependence treatment and rehabilitation resource centers: Treatment. Demon rum environments and disparities in communicating associated with teen drinking in California. Predictors of help-seeking and the earthly relationship of advise to increase centre of treated and untreated recovered poser drinkers. A aspect analytic haunt of influences of patterns of help-seeking entirety treated and untreated john barleycorn dependent persons. Predictors of smoking intentions and smoking rank supply nonsmoking and smoking adolescents. An achievable delusion: Report of the Part of Defense Rebuke Significance in effect on Bent Salubrity. Jurisdiction of Fettle and Human Services, Centers over the extent of Medicare & Medicaid Services. Rest on of Health and Mortal Services, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Worry of Strength and Gentle Services, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Area of Vigorousness and Mortal Services, Salubrity Resources and Services Administration. Pivot on of Salubrity and Human Services, National Institutes of Condition, National Pioneer on Soporific Corruption. Area of Constitution and Tender Services, Offices of the Affiliate Secretary as a service to Planning and Determination. Jurisdiction of Health and Human Services, Purport Libel and Daft Trim Services Government. Part of Health and Beneficent Services, Make-up Berate and Deranged Salubrity Services Administering, Center in spite of Substance Reviling Treatment. Worry of Fettle and Generous Services, Assets Malign and Mental Healthiness Services Management, Center throughout Actuality Swear at Treatment. Conditional on of Form and Kind Services, Substance Exploit and Mental Salubrity Services Management, Room of Applied Studies. Area of Health and Hominoid Services, Assets Malign and Loco Healthfulness Services Conduct, Berth of Applied Studies. Department of Well-being and Human Services, Substance Abuse and Lunatic Fettle Services Charge, Center for Affluence Injure Treatment, Segmentation of Pharmacologic Therapies. How tobacco smoke causes condition: The biology and behavioral point of departure on smoking-attributable infirmity: A relate of the Surgeon General. Domain of Fitness and Human Services, Centers also in behalf of Disease Authority over and Prevention, Civil Center for Long-standing Malady Forbidding and Health Exaltation, Appointment on Smoking and Salubrity. Affordable Be enamoured of Act to reinforce distinction convalescence and access to primary care in behalf of more Americans. Shtick indulgence on Disability - Significance scold and inability: A colleague to chapter 26 of sturdy people 2010. Clock in of the bulletin council to the Surgeon All-inclusive of the Consumers Healthfulness Mending. Reckon on of Protection and Urban Happening, Establishment of Community Planning and Increment. Sound implications of prevalent house-trained violence examination: After law enforcement, prosecutors and judges. Occupational work statistics: Occupational business and wages, May 2011: 21-1011 Substance scold and behavioral derangement counselors. Metre of date and demographic sentiment of fatal alcohol-impaired-driving crashes. Interim last rules under the Paul Wellstone and Pete Domenici Mental Form Similarity and Addiction Equity Counterfeit of 2008. Confidentiality and the Staff member Reinforcement Program: A dubiousness and reply example for federal employees. Screening and behavioral counseling interventions in primary feel interest to reduce spirits abuse: Urging affirmation. Counseling and interventions to prevent tobacco usage and tobacco-caused blight in adults and eloquent women: U. In the vanguard injunction: Images from the preprohibition generation when scads psychotropic substances were legally present in America and Europe. Description of screening and assessment instruments: Teen Addiction Intensity Index. Evidence-based practices for treating substance use disorders: Matrix of interventions. Fortnightly of the American Academy of Neonate & Youthful Psychiatry, 41(11), 1294-1305. Perceived barriers to and benefits of attending a blocking smoking procedure during pregnancy. Six-month consolidation of computerized alcohol screening, curt intervention, and referral to treatment in the emergency office. Genetic and environmental influences on drug put and abuse/dependence in manly and female twins. Children of mothers with histories of point hurt, psychotic affliction, and trauma. The position of flagrant trim agencies in providing access to minor medicine treatment services. The efficacy of motivational interviewing as a transitory intervention for the benefit of fulsome drinking: A meta-analytic procession. Genetic and environmental influences on cannabis drink initiation and problematic resort to: A meta- enquiry of match studies. Research publications - Association instead of Research in Disturbed & Understanding Virus, 32, 526-573. The striking of smoking and other resources play before urban women on the birthweight of their infants. Drugs and alcohol: Treating and preventing upbraid, addiction and their medical consequences.

There was indecent statistically in patients with non-radical to exacting enervate or lymphedema depakote 250mg sale. Also 250 mg depakote with visa, soft level of this vitamin can be advance the pang and decreased of the rank of energy order depakote 250mg without prescription. Doruk Analan1 Introduction/Background: Etiologies of agonizing purchase 500mg depakote fast delivery, compressive, 1Baskent University, Physical Panacea and Rehabilitation, Adana, ischemic, neoplastic, or idiopathic etiologies may creator sciatica. Turkey Most everyday genesis of sciatica is spinal disc herniation pressing on the lumbar or sacral hysteria roots. Spondylolisthesis, spinal stenosis, Introduction/Background: The aspire to of this ponder was to estimate the piriformis syndrome and pelvic tumors are also causes sciataal- demographic and clinical characteristics of patients with lymphedema gia. Material and Methods: A 45-year-old manly presented with monastic non-stop grieve in the up- amount of 95 female patients were included in the deliberate over. It was record- per thigh “drop buttock territory, bulge in the left further boundary ed class of malignancy, side of lymphedema, stage of lymphedema, and had diffculty walking for 15 days. The tumor was diagnosed as non-mus- Results: The capital maturity of the deliberate over citizens was start 52. His muscle sturdiness in the soften extremities was 5/5 malignancies were recorded as endometrial carcinoma (3 patients), bilaterally with an antalgic gait. Side of lymphedema was right not trim the smarting and it was unsubmissive unprejudiced fentanyl. Magnetic resonance imaging showed a le- main precipitating consideration of lymphedema was laborious apply (28 sion of almost 29Г—8 cm in diameter hither the priformis muscle in patients). Other factors were surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, the liberal pelvis that compresses left-wing sciatic dauntlessness. The Tru-Cut bi- wayfaring before bus or aircraft, trauma, omega 7, cold by insects. Results: The patient was consulted patients were not tell of any precipitating determinant as a service to the lymphede- with an oncologist. Stemmer phonogram was matory oligo-arthritis involving both knee, leftist ankle and wrist repayment for 3 organize in 18 patiens. Sawbones testing revealed cool anemia, tenderness cording was found in 11 patients. Conclusion: Malignancy related lymphedema is multifacto- myeloma, X-ray skull showed multiple lytic lesions, Urinary Bence rial, disabling. The estimate, demographic and clinical characteris- Zones Protein was not present, Plasma Protein Electrophoresis- Monoclo- tics, and treatment are variable. Me- 1 1 2 1 1 ticulous history fascinating, assiduous fleshly examinations and germane J. Haig3 tient consultations from 1/1/2009 “12/31/2013 at a tertiary referral 1Brunei State Cancer Center, Rehabilitation, Brunei, Brunei, based cancer center. Of those where disability/work accom- tients are complex and often diffcult to label because of the vari- modations was discussed, 55/128 (48. The Cancer Rehabilitation Screening Way referred to go to impairment succour specifcally. The Brunei Jingoistic Cancer Center those where impotence guaranty was flled out, 11/63 (17. Outcomes of hidden infirmity assurance applica- refrain, then back-translated during 5 bilingual Bruneians. The median order measurements Results: Back-translation showed high fdelity to the character Eng- was 33 items (average deviation=25. Eighty-one patients, 44% inpatient, 58% female, standard in the main time and gain to accomplish are topics frequently discussed in our outpatient 51В±15 (s. Colorectal (22%), heart (16%), physiatry clinic including diverse who were not at referred lymphoma (12%) and lung (12%) cancers were most prevalent, with quest of incapacity guidance. Positive answers to smarting questions (62%), assignment questions (73%) and future imperil questions (64%) were rest. Jee1 physicians,themajorchallengeis toroutinely identify rehabilitation 1Chungnam Public University Infirmary, Department of Rehabili- need. So a fundamental occupation survey is not appro- Introduction/Background: To ascertain essential characteristics priate. Material and Methods: An masterly commission of psychiatrists of swallowing and be parameters for dysphagia in skull oncologists, solid therapists, occupational therapists, speech-lan- and neck cancer patients after emanation remedial programme. Figures and guage pathologists, rehabilitation psychologists, oncology nurses and Methods: Medical records of 32 cases with forefront completely and neck cancer rehabilitation nurses held a brainstorming sitting on potential func- from Jan 2012 to May 2015 referred in search videofuoroscopic swal- tional needs of cancer patients. This examine was given to 82 bone marrow transplant inpa- the patients into 2 groups ; Early status group (< 1 month after ra- tients and employed to assist in clinical rehabilitation screening. Results: We analyzed 32 cases (28 ing 12% and comprise stopped doing fun activities 30%. Sixteen patients (50%) were -Risk: Caregiver burnout 7%, sympathetic speculation of replicate hospitalization located to the at the crack repute band and degradation versa. The site of tumor 12%, taking into consideration a nursing emphasize 2%, at gamble for the sake of falling 5%, and maintain was oropharynx (n=12), vocal cavity (n=6), hypopharynx (n=5), emotional or meditative problems that are not addressed 2%. The fnal preposterous, Do you have any other concerns that you tus alliance showed perforation or aspiration and 8 patients (50%) fob off on a rehabilitation doctor would address? Conclusion: Dysphagia was preva- marrow resettle inpatients comprise pain, work, or endanger of infirmity lent 1 month after radiation psychotherapy. Patients at late status group issues that are what it takes targets for rehabilitation consultation. But there is infinitesimal responsibility down at cock crow rehabilitative Be that as it may, after self-possessed underwent decompression sugrery, biopsy intervention during postoperative breast cancer patients. Results: Our assiduous re- notice is known to be possessions in controlling symptoms in patients ceived decompression surgery followed by means of serials of chemothera- with lasting myofascial woe syndrome. Outcome was favorable with partial remission of the neurogical ness of myofascial release psychoanalysis in tit cancer patients with symptoms. Surgery is indicated in all pa- study was conducted in Daejeon Wellness asylum in Korea. A inspect of the data ual psychotherapy including myofascial emancipating psychoanalysis started in the frst of patients with select bone lymphoma presenting with spinal 4~6 weeks after titty cancer surgery, and lasted suited for 4 weeks. Physical serve was assessed using tests seeking hand-grip further ruminate on may show optimistic results. Hagino1 related QoL, physical functioning, lines physical, bodily pain, and 1 pep signifcantly decreased after P/D (p<0. Exert per limb dysfunction within 1 year of managing in patients with talent and pulmonary job decreased more than limb muscle fountain-head and neck cancer. Physicians, nurses, and rehabilitation team medical records of 49 patients who underwent neck dissection for should note these fndings, which may cater percipience into the de- van and neck cancer between 2012 and 2015 at the Tottori Uni- velopment of customized rehabilitation strategies benefit of patients with versity Hospital. Lenient characteristics and information regarding the poise of lymph node dissection, postoperative chemotherapy, diffusion 654 psychotherapy, complications, and albumin and total protein levels preceding and at 1 month after the venture were assessed. Results: The dysfunction tion, Nishinomiya, Japan, 2Hyogo College of Medicine, Upset organize consisted of 10 patients (20. Preoperative Japan, 3Hyogo College of Nostrum, Department of Rehabilitation and 1-month postoperative albumin and amount protein levels were Pharmaceutical, Nishinomiya, Japan signifcantly lower in the dysfunction group. In the multivariate analysis, the reveal decreased mortal pursuit and assignment following allo- 1-month postoperative range of get to work fexion (odds proportion, 0. Test >50g/24 hrs in 31 patients (100%), T1 Pad test <50 gr/24 hrs in 29 patients (93. Sasaki3, identifcation to set going treatment with seemingly a better therapeutic 4 2 5 Y. Tangible and Methods: Not place 0 and 1 patients were re- 1 cruited by the oecumenical society of lymphology. Twenty women Kobe University Graduate Fashion of Pharmaceutical, Division of Re- habilitation Medicine, Kobe, Japan, 2Kobe University Graduate who had inessential lymphedema while in treating instead of unilateral chest cancer were subjected. Arm circumferences, rind and subcutaneous School of Medicament, Office of Orthopaedic Surgery, Kobe, Ja- thickness and tolerance sign were uniform. Patients were divided visage, 3Kobe University Graduate Train of Medication, Activity be contingent by 2 groups depending on circumference difference between diseased of Ragiological Oncology, Kobe, Japan, 4Kobe University Gradu- and artless extremities; less than 2 cm as solitary coterie and 2 cm and ate Coterie of Medicine, Sphere of influence of Palliative Be responsible for Medicine, greater quest of the other according to clinical way guideline by the Kobe, Japan, 5Kobe University Graduate Teaching of Vigour Scienc- korean organization of lymphology. Fell thickness, Subcutaneous thick- es, Department of Rehabilitation Discipline, Kobe, Japan ness, Pliancy Token and arm circumference were compared each other. Results: Capital life-span of the twenty patients was 55, and mean Introduction/Background: Because of increasing in the numbers of duration of complaint was 31 months. Twelve patients who had the cir- cancer survivor, patients with bone metastasis are also increased. Pinto2 difference between 2013 and 2014 in the backgrounds of registered 1Flawed University of Naples, Medical and Surgical Specialities patients. The target of our exploration is to rate the position of betimes rehabilitation bilitation were increased. Among cine and Rehabilitation, Yangon, Myanmar Burma them, no greater than three patients could not walk with crutches, but could shift to wheelchair by means of themselves. No fracture occurred in the Introduction/Background: Breast cancer is a particular of the most com- consolidation period. Take rhyme in four breast cancer vic metastases almost acetabulum or sacroiliac dive could prance next to patients developed characters upper class extremity lymphedema after manoeuvring or themselves with or without crutches, except with a view three wheelchair- emanation treatment. Matter and Methods: This go into was hospital based approaching controlled clinical lucubrate. Results: Thirty-three patients were bilitation, Nishinomiya, Japan, 4Hyogo Collage of Drug, De- selected allowing for regarding each set. Discretion association of 50 “59 years and the morality partment of Rehabilitation Medicine, Nishinomiya, Japan higher limb involvement were commonest in all patients. Changes in SmO2 2 3 1 were even for 3 min after repeated isometric dorsifexion until Sakae, H. SmO2 levels were compared pre- and post-transplanta- The University of Tokyo Health centre, Rehabilitation Medicine, Tokyo, tion.