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  • Remembrance 2014: AJEX March and new Armed Forces prayer

    The Chief Rabbi today honoured the last of his engagements related to Remembrance Day, attending the Association of Jewish Ex-Service Men and Women’s annual parade. After meeting non-marchers outside the
  • Chief Rabbi hails success of first ShabbatUK

    The Chief Rabbi’s inaugural ‘ShabbatUK’ has met with enormous success, galvanising communities across Britain to partake in a full Shabbat experience. Unprecedented in the UK, this initiative took inspiration from
  • In the Press: Free yourself from digital slavery

    The Times reports on the Chief Rabbi’s vision for Shabbat UK, for which he has emphasised the importance of putting away digital devices and reconnecting with family and friends. Shabbat
  • In the Press: Putting down technology for Shabbat

    The Times gives coverage to the Chief Rabbi’s upcoming Shabbat UK initiative, which seeks to revive the tradition of keeping Shabbat for a wider tranche of British Jewry and encourages
  • In the Press: Targeting apathy, assimilation and antisemitism

    In an interview with the Manchester Jewish Telegraph, the Chief Rabbi anticipates an inspirational Shabbat UK weekend, considers the challenges ahead for British Jewry and makes clear Orthodox Judaism’s
  • In the Press: The Chief Rabbi’s first year in office

    Speaking to Simon Rocker of the Jewish Chronicle, the Chief Rabbi enthuses about the Jewish communities’ he has visited and is yet to visit, reiterates his support for women’s active
  • Chief Rabbi’s Annual Rabbinic Conference

    This week more than 100 Rabbis from communities across the UK will gather in London for the Chief Rabbi’s Annual Conference. The conference, which takes place in the run up
  • Chief Rabbi receives Rosh Hashana letter from Prime Minister

    Prime Minister David Cameron has written to the Chief Rabbi ahead of Rosh Hashana. The letter was received in time for the Chief Rabbi’s Annual Conference and was sent in
  • Chief Rabbi inspires Tribe Youth Directors

    A residential conference bringing together over 25 Tribe youth professionals from various US communities hosted the Chief Rabbi as part of a programme devoted to enhancing leadership practice and encouraging
  • ‘A good leader strives to affect change,’ Chief Rabbi tells students

    More than 70 student leaders listened to the Chief Rabbi affirm the importance of activism and the power of community at the Union of Jewish Student’s Political Summit. With Antisemitism