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  • D’var Torah: Parashat Re’eh

    In his video D’var Torah for this week, the Chief Rabbi refers to the teachings of the Prophet Isaiah in this week’s haftarah to advocate against forcing Torah down our
  • D’var Torah: Parashat Eikev

    When people call you ‘a chip off the old block’, would you believe that the precedent for this phrase lies in this week’s haftarah? In his D’var Torah for this
  • D’var Torah: Parashat Va’etchanan

    The Shema is undoubtedly one of the most important prayers in the Jewish religion, as it declares unequivocally our belief in one G-d. Why is it relevant how many words
  • D’var Torah: Parashat Devarim

    As we prepare to mark Tisha b’Av, the Chief Rabbi uses a riddle to make sense of the cycle of Fast days that fall across the Jewish Year and hopes
  • D’var Torah: Matot-Masei

    In this week’s parashiot, we learn that not all of the Twelve Tribes of Israel were situated within the Holy Land’s borders, with one even split across two lands. Practicality,
  • D’var Torah: Parashat Pinchas

    In his D’var Torah for The Three Weeks, the Chief Rabbi explores how we can grieve genuinely for tragedies that occurred millenia ago. We are currently in the three weeks
  • D’var Torah: Parashat Balak

    Why would anyone name a parasha after a man bent on destroying the Jewish people? The Chief Rabbi explains in his D’var Torah, for which the full transcript appears below.
  • D’var Torah: Parashat Chukat

    Why was there greater grief for the passing of Aaron than there was for the passing of Moses? The Chief Rabbi explains. In this week’s Parasha of Chukat, we read
  • VIDEO: Chief Rabbi addresses Oxford Union debating society

    Watch the Chief Rabbi cover issues such as antisemitism and freedom of religion in a talk he gave to the prestigious Oxford Union debating society.    
  • D’var Torah: Parashat Korach

    In his D’var Torah for this week, the Chief Rabbi explains how a miracle involving almonds can be read as a symbolic guide for overcoming difference and achieving peace in