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  • D’var Torah: Parashat Yitro

    A lesson from Moses to every parent: The Chief Rabbi presents his insights into Parashat Yitro. Following his experience at the burning bush, Moshe went down to Egypt and led
  • D’var Torah: Parashat Beshalach & Tu Bishvat

    Tu Bishvat reminds us that the Torah is both timeless and timely. This Shabbat, in addition to reading Parashat Beshalach, we will be celebrating Tu Bishvat, our New Year for
  • HRH The Prince of Wales joins the Chief Rabbi at Yavneh College

    Last week, the Chief Rabbi was delighted to join HRH The Prince of Wales on his visit to Yavneh College, Borehamwood. Upon his visit, HRH The Prince of Wales at
  • The Chief Rabbi at the World Jewish Relief Dinner 2017

    Last week, the Chief Rabbi was delighted to attend the World Jewish Relief Dinner 2017. In his address, the Chief Rabbi said: “President Trump has signed an Executive Order which
  • The Chief Rabbi at Holocaust Memorial Day 2017

    On Holocaust Memorial Day, the Chief Rabbi joined 200 survivors and more than 1,000 guests at the UK Commemorative Ceremony for Holocaust Memorial Day Trust 2017. In his address, the
  • D’var Torah: Parashat Bo

    Spoiler alert: Let us not become the ‘dog which barks’ In Parashat Bo, after many years of persecution and slavery, Bnei Yisrael were ready to leave Egypt. And then Hashem
  • D’var Torah: Parashat Va’era

    Importance is just a figment of our imagination. In Parashat Va’era, on the eve of the redemption of our people, we have a long list of genealogical information presented to
  • D’var Torah: Parashat Shemot

    We all have the potential to be great. In Parashat Shemot, we have one of the most significant birth announcements ever: Vayeilech Ish Mibeit Levi Vayikach Et Bat Levi Vatahar
  • D’var Torah: Parashat Vayechi

    ‘While all deaths are sad, not all are tragic’ One of our rules in our leining, our Torah reading, is that we don’t conclude an Aliyah on a sad
  • D’var Torah: Parashat Vayigash

    Integration, not assimilation.  In Parshat Vayigash we read how Yosef had just revealed his true identity to his brothers. They were stunned into silence. And then, he said to them