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  • Woolf Institute Lecture: Trust in Religious Leadership

    The Chief Rabbi speaks about leadership qualities at a Woolf Institute event with the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby. Taking part in a panel discussion entitled Trust in Religious Leadership 
  • D’var Torah: Parashat Lech Lecha

    As thousands prepare to keep Shabbat together, the Chief Rabbi focuses on instances of unity in Parashat Lech Lecha, which documents the challenges faced by Avram and Sarai upon arriving 
  • D’var Torah: Parashat Noach

    “Peace requires communication” – Reflecting on this week’s Torah portion, Noach, the Chief Rabbi concentrates on the double-meaning of the Hebrew word for ‘dove’ and the meaning we can derive
  • D’var Torah: Parashat Bereishit

    “Location, Location, Location” –  In his D’var Torah for this week’s Torah portion, Bereishit, the Chief Rabbi focuses on the cherubs that God stations outside Eden to prevent anyone returning
  • Yamim Noraim Lecture: Let’s take a fresh approach to prayer

    The Chief Rabbi delivered his Yamim Noraim lecture at Hendon United Synagogue with a focus on how we can enhance the effectiveness of prayer, whether through a refreshed approach to
  • Yom Haatzmaut: The Chief Rabbi attends Bnei Akiva service

    The Chief Rabbi joined Bnei Akiva’s Yom Haatzmaut service yesterday, which was also attended by the Home Secretary Theresa May, to thank members  for the support they invest in Israel
  • Translate belief into active support, Chief Rabbi tells Israel conference

    Delivering a short speech at the We Believe in Israel Conference 2015, the Chief Rabbi derives vital messages from the Shema that point to our collective endeavour. We must translate
  • City Hall: Holocaust Memorial Day address

    Listen to the Chief Rabbi’s moving five minute address at City Hall for Holocaust Memorial Day in the presence of Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, Mayors of the Boroughs of
  • Watch the Chief Rabbi teaching at Limmud

    This year the Chief Rabbi attended Limmud, the cross-communal festival of Jewish culture and learning, where he interacted with fellow attendees and gave two lectures, videos of which are below.
  • Statement: International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

    On the UN-designated International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, the Chief Rabbi, patron of Jewish Women’s Aid, draws attention to the issue of domestic violence within the