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  • D’var Torah: Parashat Vayeitzei

    How is it possible for ‘seven years’ to be like ‘a few days’? We are told how Yaakov worked for seven long years for the hand of Rachel in marriage.
  • D’var Torah: Parashat Toldot

    What is true love? There was a sharp dispute between Yitzchak and Rivka with regard to their twin sons. Between the love that Yitzchak had for Eisav on the one
  • D’var Torah: Parashat Chayei Sarah

    From Eliezer we learn, God helps those who live their entire life in order to help others. Our sages teach, Gadol Sichatam Shel Avdei Avot Betorotam Shel Banim – the
  • D’var Torah: Parashat Vayeira

    Can we celebrate miracles no matter the circumstances? I once wrote an article about the miraculous escape of a Chassidishe Rebbe during the Holocaust. After that, I was contacted by
  • D’var Torah: Parashat Lech Lecha

    It isn’t just about the destination, the journey counts as well.  At the beginning of Parashat Lech Lecha, we have details of the epic journey that Avraham and Sarah made
  • D’var Torah: Parashat Noach

    You don’t have to be famous in order to leave a great legacy. Parashat Noach commences with the headline ‘Eileh Toldot Noach’, These are the generations of Noach. And then,
  • D’var Torah: Parashat Bereishit

    ‘In order to be able parents, we shouldn’t raise a child like Cain’ – In his D’var Torah this week, the Chief Rabbi offers a deep insight into the art
  • A Message for Sukkot

    Taking the Water Drawing Ceremony of ancient times as his point of departure, the Chief Rabbi teaches that even in the largest of gatherings, each one of us can make
  • D’var Torah Parashat Ha’azinu

    ‘Oh, to be a fly on the wall’ – In his D’var Torah this week, the Chief Rabbi offers a deeper understanding on the Usphizin and the distinct role that
  • D’var Torah: Parashat Vayelech

    In his D’var Torah this week, the Chief Rabbi discusses the most appropriate name for this very special Shabbat: Shabbat Shuvah or Shabbat Teshuvah. In his answer, the Chief