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  • Op-Ed: 70 years after Auschwitz, what have we learned?

    In an Op-Ed for The Guardian published the day before Holocaust Memorial Day, the Chief Rabbi contemplates the range of responses displayed immediately after the Holocaust – from stunned disbelief,
  • Op-Ed: ’70 years on, what have we learned?’

    With Holocaust Memorial Day taking place tomorrow, the Chief Rabbi contemplates a scourge of evil that still remains active across the world – though the Nazis were vanquished 70 years
  • Op-Ed: ‘Let us protest against purveyors of hatred’

    The Chief Rabbi writes in the Jewish News ahead of Holocaust Memorial Day next week about the dangers of staying silent in the aftermath of an atrocity, and how silence
  • Op-Ed: Prayer for the Armed Forces

    In an Op-Ed for the Jewish News, the Chief Rabbi reveals the reasoning behind incorporating a prayer for the Armed Forces into the Prayer for the Royal Family. He
  • Op-Ed: Shabbat UK has made history

    In an Op-Ed for the Jewish Chronicle, Chief Rabbi Mirvis reflects on the success of the inaugural Shabbat UK and delights in the high levels of engagement seen across
  • Credo: ‘We must reach out to the entire world’

    To coincide with Yom Kippur, The Times published the Chief Rabbi’s first ‘Credo’, in which he examines the concept of moral responsibility within the Jewish tradition and considers how our
  • Rosh Hashana Message 5774

    In his message for the Jewish New Year, the Chief Rabbi explores the etymology of and biblical reference to the word ‘Haman’ to stress that we should be happy with
  • Op-Ed: ‘It is what we do that makes the Jewish people so great’

    Writing in the Jewish Telegraph this week, the Chief Rabbi discusses the importance of active leadership, as well as the plans he has – to be realised in part via 
  • Op-Ed: ‘A new strain of anti-Semitism’

    In an Op-Ed for The Telegraph, the Chief Rabbi says that one of the oldest and most persistent of social pathologies – antisemitism- is taking on a new character
  • Op-Ed: ‘Israel is trying to choose life’

    As the world waits to hear how Hamas will respond to Israel’s offer to extend the current ceasefire, the Chief Rabbi writes in The Telegraph to support Israel’s right to