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  • Op-Ed: Approaching the refugee crisis after Paris

    In an exclusive opinion piece for the Jewish News, Chief Rabbi Mirvis cautions against resorting to prejudice and reflects on the ongoing plight of refugees in the wake of the
  • Credo: ‘Switch off your smartphone and soak up the Sabbath’

    Considering a world in which technology has both vastly improved and diminished human interaction, the Chief Rabbi outlines in The Times‘ ‘Credo’ column how Shabbat provides a day of
  • Op-Ed: ‘Defeating the terrorism within us’

    It is our response to evil that is the measure of our collective character, says the Chief Rabbi in his Op-Ed today in The Telegraph. Deploring the violent attacks
  • Op-Ed: The Queen visits Bergen Belsen

    In the Jewish Chronicle this week, the Chief Rabbi acknowledges the momentous nature of The Queen’s first visit to a concentration camp, but concedes that the event was overshadowed by
  • Op-Ed: ‘Faiths in Britain must celebrate British values’

    The Chief Rabbi celebrates British Jewry’s long history of subscribing to British values, pointing to the Prayer for the Royal Family and centuries of societal contribution as cases in point,
  • Statement on Sexual Abuse

    Responding to the news that a Jewish man has been found guilty of sexual abuse, the Chief Rabbi moved to reaffirm the attitude of his office and Beth Din by
  • The Chief Rabbi’s Message for Pesach 5775

    In this year’s Pesach message, the Chief Rabbi contemplates the birth of a nation, exploring how and why it came to be and how we must invest in our collective
  • Op-Ed: 70 years after Auschwitz, what have we learned?

    In an Op-Ed for The Guardian published the day before Holocaust Memorial Day, the Chief Rabbi contemplates the range of responses displayed immediately after the Holocaust – from stunned disbelief,
  • Op-Ed: ’70 years on, what have we learned?’

    With Holocaust Memorial Day taking place tomorrow, the Chief Rabbi contemplates a scourge of evil that still remains active across the world – though the Nazis were vanquished 70 years
  • Op-Ed: ‘Let us protest against purveyors of hatred’

    The Chief Rabbi writes in the Jewish News ahead of Holocaust Memorial Day next week about the dangers of staying silent in the aftermath of an atrocity, and how silence