Office of the Chief Rabbi


  • The Chief Rabbi’s Ben Azzai Programme returns from India

    On Wednesday 28th December, 16 outstanding university students travelled to Mumbai for an immersive and extraordinary study trip to better understand the Jewish response to extreme poverty, as part of the Chief Rabbi’s Ben Azzai Programme. During the trip, the read more
  • The Chief Rabbi and the Archbishop of Canterbury launch the ‘In Good Faith’ Initiative

    On Monday 14th November, the ‘In Good Faith’ initiative was launched at Lambeth Palace. More than seventy Rabbis and Priests from around the UK have gathered in London for an historic day of dialogue. “In Good Faith” was created by read more
  • The Chief Rabbi attends interfaith Iftars during Ramadan

    Over the past few weeks, the Chief Rabbi has been privileged to take part in several Iftars, the traditional fast-breaking meal for Muslims observing Ramadan. As well as attending an Iftar hosted by the Israeli Ambassador Mark Regev at his read more
  • In the press: Minorities must ‘pass the Norman Tebbit test’

    The Telegraph reports on the Chief Rabbi’s call for faith communities to “pass the Norman Tebbit test”, a school of thought that regards a minority’s support for their host country’s sporting team as evidence of their successful integration into society. read more
  • A message to our Christian friends

    In a show of solidarity and respect to members of the Christian faith, the Chief Rabbi has released a message to Christian friends on Christmas Eve. As well as celebrating a significant year for Jewish-Christian relations, in which Christian leaders read more
  • In the Press: The Chief Rabbi recommends teaching Islam

    The Jewish Chronicle revealed Chief Rabbi Mirvis’ decision to embrace new criteria for the teaching of other religions, with faith schools now obliged to educate students in a second faith for the revamped Religious Studies GCSE. ‘Teach Islam in our read more
  • Chief Rabbi: Jewish schools should teach Islam

    The Chief Rabbi has availed of new requirements for the Religious Studies GCSE by recommending that Jewish secondary schools teach Islam to their students as a means of providing enlightenment about a “poorly understood religion.” This follows a stipulation by read more
  • In the Press: Interfaith pride on Mitzvah Day

    A highlight of the Chief Rabbi’s tour of North West London Mitzvah Day projects was an interfaith cooking session at Edgware United that saw Jewish and Muslim youth come together to prepare a meal for residents of a local homeless read more
  • Schlepping Nachas: Chief Rabbi tours communities for Mitzvah Day

    The Chief Rabbi was at the forefront of Mitzvah Day activities last week, as the now globally-observed day of collective social action celebrated its tenth anniversary. Synagogues, schools and youth movements, both from within the Jewish community and beyond, devoted read more
  • Chief Rabbi meets with Pope Francis in the Vatican City

    The Chief Rabbi undertook a trip to the Vatican City to meet Pope Francis ahead of the impending 50th anniversary of Pope Paul VI’s Nostra Aetate declaration, which had reviewed the Catholic Church’s relationship with non-Christian religions. Accompanied by Cardinal read more