Office of the Chief Rabbi

CCE Case Studies

  • Birmingham Central: Ladies trip to Jewish London

    Event Ladies day trip to Jewish London. Objectives To encourage women’s participation in all aspects of Shul life and provide the opportunity for them to become a more cohesive and valued group.  Evaluation from event organiser, Deborah Clements “Our trip read more
  • Hendon: Mitzvot education day

    Event A multi-station event on the Shul premises giving the participants a hands on experience of many exciting and fun Mitzvot. Objectives To increase awareness and understanding of key Mitzvot; to provide a positive Jewish experience for our community and read more
  • Birmingham Central: Exploring Jewish History Weekend

    Objectives To improve the community’s understanding of the history of the Jewish people and their heritage.  Evaluation from President Geoffrey Clements “Ronnie Halibard is a superb educator and over the weekend reached out to 130 people (including 30 students). His read more
  • Bournemouth: Shabbat with IDF chaplain

    Event A Shabbat programme with IDF army chaplain Rabbi Shalom Hammer Objectives To create achdut within the community and engage people over Shabbat and to create awareness and understanding of the role of an IDF army chaplain.  Evaluation from Rabbi read more
  • Pinner: Kabbalat Shabbat and Sushi Kiddush

    Event Kabbalat Shabbat services followed by a Sushi Kiddish Objectives To attract young members to shul on Friday night and create a new religious rhythm of going to Shul as a family at least once a month  Evaluation from Rabbi read more
  • Northwood: Melava Malka with Ashley Blaker

    Event Melava Malka with comedian Ashley Blaker Objectives To provide an entertaining, educational and social evening for the community.  Evaluation from Rabbi Freedman “We wanted to move away from political speakers and make the event both fun and more directly read more
  • Luton: Community lunch with Rabbi Aubrey Hersh

    Event Community lunch with Rabbi Aubrey Hersh Objectives To have good quality programming in our Shul.  Evaluation from Chairman Laurence Benjamin “There was a warm, vibrant atmosphere in the Synagogue. Rabbi Hersh provided an interesting insight into some of the read more